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Sound Man

Sound Man
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Friday, September 9, 2016

One way to help with chronic pain… rescue an animal

I want to introduce to you … Jake the dog.

Jake is known in our house as; Dude, Jakeimus Maximus, or Mr. Jake. He is the son of a rescue that we adopted late last year. His mom, Layla, is now in another home and happy as she can be.

Jake loves to fetch. When he and I are out in the yard he helps me to learn to throw left handed.

 When we are laying on our favorite chaise lounge chair he helps me by comforting me.

He loves to give “kisses”, otherwise known as slobbering your entire face. He is officially our third rescue and I can honestly say our entire family loves him. So, one way to help with chronic pain… rescue an animal! Any animal! If you like cats, then a cat. If you like birds, snakes, reptiles, whatever; get out and get a companion animal. They help you by making you get up and move. They also help by comforting you when you don’t feel so well.

Since tomorrow’s post will be heavy, I thought we needed a break.

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