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Sound Man
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Healthy

April 27th I went the doctor for a sinus infection. I felt horrible! I saw a new Nurse Practitioner at the Dr.'s office. She diagnosed me with a sinus infection and ear infection on both ears (Told ya I felt bad). She told me the meds she was prescribing and then sat down.

She said, "ok since we have taken care of the sinus infection and ear infections, now let's talk about a bigger problem". She them proceeded to tell me that my blood pressure had been high the last 3 times I was in. The precious ladies at LifeBlood had been telling me that also. I was averaging 145 over 95 or higher on a regular basis. I had also ballooned to 290 pounds. Yes, that is 10 pounds away from 300. She then asked about my family history, which includes my father having bypass surgery and my mom having stints. This was not going well. She suggested a low dose blood pressure medicine, loose weight, and get more active.
I found a website and app to help me keep up with it Calorie Count. This app has really helped me be aware of what I am eating. Some will disagree, but most of the time for me diets are bondage. I usually gain back the weight and then some. This time my plan is to become more aware of what I am eating and find things I like that happen to be healthy. If you sign up for Calorie Count please find me and we will support each other. My username is mikemyrick73.

I hope to post some pictures soon of before and after, but most of all report to you.

As of today May 15, 2012 I have lost 8 pounds and feel better already. My goal is to get to 240 by my year checkup. I believe I can do it.

Join with me on this journey!

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