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Sound Man
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

God is a God of Details!

At my church we are reading through the Bible this year. I am a slow reader so I am behind a few days, but I am learning a ton. For instance, when you read through the details of the tabernacle it amazes me. God is so concerned with the details of their life that he gives dimensions of each piece of furniture. He provides details about the lamp stands and even the oil they are to burn. Each sacrifice, festival, meal, piece of furniture, or even he clothing He concerns himself with.

I was reading today that a young man pulled a gun in school and shot five students, killing three, as of this post. I wonder if that young man ever stopped to think about a God that was so concerned with the details of his life that He numbered the hairs on his head. I thought about a friend struggling with sin and wondered if he would ever realize the depth of God's love for him. A love so great that He detailed how a sacrifice could redeem him.

I sit at my computer and think about my recent readings through Leviticus. I have complained about how detailed everything is in the book. When will I ever learn that He is so concerned with the details of my life that He laid down His life to redeem me. If my God is so concerned about the cubits of a curtain, how much more is He concerned with the hope in my heart!

To quote Chris Tomlin that is playing on my computer right now, "and if our God is for us then who could ever stop us, and if our God is with us then what can stand against us!"

He is concerned with every detail of my life and yours.


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  1. "...How much more is He concerned with the hope in my heart!" I love that, and I love you.