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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ye Old Book

I have been struggling to keep up with my reading for our church's Engage bible reading. My mindset has been that I will catch up... at some point.

Yesterday I was fishing with my son and it hit me that he is really growing up. It happens way too fast! He is entering a time in his life when he will need a ton of guidance. I am thankful he has men in his life that help him at church. I am thankful for my wife talking with him about everything under the sun. I am thankful that he and I can have serious talks about all aspects of life(even the uncomfortable stuff). Though I am extremely grateful for these things, we cannot be there when he is faced with temptation. We cannot be there when he feels that his peers are pushing him to try something he knows is wrong.

He went through AWANA at church and memorized amazing amounts of scripture, but does he really know the stories behind the verses he learned? When he looses something and remembers the "The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Praise the name of the Lord", does he understand the amazing amount of hurt that scripture comes out of? The only way he can is if he reads the whole story.

A few weeks ago he spent the night with a friend and the father asked me if he was bringing his bible. I said yes, and the father went on to say that they would be doing the Engage bible reading that night. I was so focused on getting my son ready to go that I missed that this father was making sure he did his reading with his son.

So that leads me to today. I am sitting at work and looked over at my bible that sits on my office shelf and realized that I have not been faithful to read the whole story. So why I am sharing this with you? I guess I am publicly committing to read through the Word with my family and asking all fathers to do the same.

Is it an "old book" or the foundation of our faith?


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