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Sound Man

Sound Man
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why do I run sound?

In 1990 I joined Colonial Hills Church. A year later I started serving as the Youth Ministry Intern. As the youth group grew we needed to add a sound system so that we could have singers lead worship and have the message heard more clearly. This started what has become a passion for me. Van Toomey, who later would become a dear friend, started showing me how to set up and operate the highly technical sound equipment (ha!). We ran a 4 channel sound board with two speakers hooked to an amp. Not very technical. I thought I would never learn how to do it without him helping every time. I graduated to helping in the main sanctuary around 1993, mainly hooking up cables and setting up microphones. As time past and we grew into a larger building, I went from the 4 channel board to a 48 channel analog sound board. Each time we upgraded equipment I would grow anxious that I would mess it all up. After Van stepped down for the Sound Technician position I got the opportunity to work with a number of men over the years. Each one taught me something new. I won't go into the personality differences and power struggles today, that is something we can sit around the fire about another time. We then upgraded equipment to a digital sound board, which scared the poo out of me.

This takes me to a few years back. We brought on a new Worship Pastor. This brought more power struggles and personality clashes. My direct pastor and friend Scott Little walked me(actually pushed sometimes) through this. For those who have ever worked "behind the scenes" in church understand how hard it is at times. God began to speak to me through my bride, pastors, and this "young, only child, perfectionist" Worship Pastor. I pick like that, because God had to break through my heart to help me see what a blessing Brent Climer was to be in my life. I know this is getting long so I will wrap up. Why do I run sound now, 21 years later? This past Sunday, as our new Technical Director, Jason Latshaw (who by the way rocks,but don't tell him I said that) was running sound I looked around. Our church was worshiping. Yes worshiping the King of Kings! How could they hear the band and singers? The sound man was worshiping through his instrument! My job as a sound man is to make it sound so good that people have the opportunity to engage in what Jesus desires and that is our WORSHIP.

Why and what do you do for the Kingdom?

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