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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Breasts? Interesting topic!

The title might have gotten your attention and it might have offended some. You will understand as you read.

October is Cancer Awareness month. Most recognize it as Breast Cancer Awareness month. As with every topic now, this month will bring its share of controversy. Everything will happen this month, from people criticizing Susan B. Komen supporting Planned Parenthood to some groups finding this month ok to flash their boobs to bring attention to breast cancer. I know that it is a sensitive topic and don’t want to offend anyone. Campaigning or complaining about your favorite group is your business, but don't forget the need. Find a group or organization that raises money for or supports in some way breast cancer or cancer awareness and do your part.

I watched my mother-in-law die of cancer that started as breast cancer. I helped take care of her during that time. I was the one that took her pulse to “declare” her dead the day she left this world. So it is VERY personal to me. So you may ask, “Mike what do you do?” Good question and I am glad you asked. A few years ago I found out that many cancer patients frequently need platelets, a key component in the blood for clotting. That is when I started donating platelets. I might not give money to an organization during this month, but so far I have given 11 units of platelets this year.

My point? Don’t just wear pink! Don’t just talking about breasts! Do your part to help in some way! If interested in doing what I do, contact Lifeblood at www.lifeblood.org.

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  1. Thank you, Michael. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you.