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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The 2 Weeks Following Surgery

The last post was the day before surgery. It has been 2 weeks now and so much has happened.

Wednesday March 20th started early for Heather and me (Owen was at a friend’s house). We were at the hospital at 5 A.M. for pre-op. They gave me my fashionable gown and hair net and then we waited.
We were moved to the pre-surgery area where we met with the anesthesiologist and surgery nurses. When the doctor came in he greeted me with, “I have already been praying for this surgery today." Now that made me feel really good! I took Heather by surprise when I asked the doctor if I could pray for him. He agreed and it was such a privilege to pray for him. Anyone who knows my wife knows it made her cry.

They whisked me away to surgery and Heather went to wait. Several people came to sit with her that day. Her best friend Kathy spent most of the day with her, which made her very happy. Others came throughout the day including my parents and our worship pastor Brent.  The surgery, which lasted nearly 8 hours, consisted of taking out my thyroid, jugular vein on my right side, 30 lymph nodes, and some tissue from a neck muscle that showed signs of cancer. Yes, I said 8 hours. It was a very intense surgery that involved moving and cutting many nerves.

Such a beautiful 10 ½” incision with 26 staples.

When I got out of surgery I was in intense pain from my shoulders being held in the same position for so long,as well as the nerves that had to be cut. They put me on a morphine pump and I spent most of the night “peaceful” (hitting the pump every 20 minutes).

The next few days we had many visitors come by to check on us and bring dinner for Heather, and  I was able to leave the hospital on Saturday March 23rd.  That weekend was quite painful and uncomfortable. Every day since coming home from the hospital we have had friends bringing dinners every night, which takes a huge burden off of Heather.

I was able to work from home last week and this week. I am still experiencing quite a bit of pain, but it is becoming tolerable.

We went to the doctor last Thursday to get my staples removed and they told us that out of 30 lymph nodes only 2 had cancer. Now to back up, the day I had my biopsy she checked my thyroid and saw one lymph node swollen so she decided to check it. God just happened to have her check one of the two that had cancer. That lymph node is the only reason they did all the surgery on the right side instead of just the thyroid. I call that God showing off. The doctor also believes they got all the cancer.

What’s next? Radioactive Iodine Treatment and full body scan. That will start in May. I will blog about that experience as we walk through it. I cannot wait for the "Cancer Free" post that is coming. 

Thank you to all who prayed for us, brought meals to us, and have come to visit. We have truly been reminded how much we are loved.